Saturday, October 10, 2009

No Woman No Cry

It's 10 o'clock on a Saturday. What else is there to do but listen to some Bob Marley and write a blog?!

We've had a lot of excitement around the Rockne household these past few weeks, allow me to give you the highlights....a delightful Cliff's Notes version if you will...

My dad was on tv during the Notre Dame game half-time last week. They were dedicating a sculpture of my great-grandfather at the stadium and my dad was there for the unveiling. I missed the appearance, as I was studying for a Microbiology test. I have been assured that my brother has it recorded on his DVR, so my father's moment of famous glorious will be available for my viewing at a later date.

Gavin had parent teacher conference. He and I went for a visit with his teacher, Mrs. Cobabe. Yes. Her name really is Cobabe. She's probably about 25, 26 and it must be very strange to be talking to parents that are a good 5-10 years older than she is. Gavin is doing exceptionally well and reading like a madman. He's onto chapter books and is a good little reader. We're currently in the process of reading far it's quite good and Mortimer is about to meet up with Capricorn...very exciting stuff.

We had to have our air ducts cleaned this week. Autumn has arrived in Cache Valley, bringing the cool weather and beautiful Fall colors with it. When I went to turn on the heat for the first time last week, a less than pleasant odor started emanating from the vents. My mom deduced that the smell was probably Gavin's pet hamster, Sprinkles, who had escaped from his cage a few months ago. I thought he had found his way outside, after the neighborhood kids had left the sliding glass door open all afternoon, and was living a free and happy life in an obliging field. It appears that he probably fell down my mother's vent (which was vent cover-less) and couldn't get back out and died. The kind technicians with ARS gave us the option of inspecting the garbage to see if Sprinkles' remains was amongst the debris. We politely declined. We are not telling Gavin. I think it's probably better that he picture Sprinkles running through a field of clover with the wind in his hair!

Gavin and I went on a date last night! The Tap Dogs were playing at the theatre, and Keri said that Gavin would probably enjoy it, so I used my staff perk of free tickets and went to the show. We sat on the first row and we had a pretty good time. Gavin only got restless a few times, which is quite an accomplishment. It made me miss Maggi's classes and learning how to tap without actually wearing tap shoes! I made a promise with myself, that when things mellow out and I have a little more expendable income, I'm going to go back to dance classes. How great would it be to be a dancin' granny?!

I bought my pre-advance tickets for New Moon yesterday morning!! Go ahead and mock and shake your head and think I'm lame. I don't care. Those books (and the subsequent movies) bring a little bit of joy to my life, so if you're going to begrudge me that, then maybe we shouldn't be friends anymore!! Annette, there is still time for me to buy you one and then you can stick around and have American Thanksgiving with me....think about it....pinatas!!

I'm trying to think of a way to cancel the Holidays. All they do is make me sad and stressed and frustrated....isn't the whole point of the Holidays to bring families together and make you remember how much you love everyone. It just makes me want to stab. Maybe I should become a Seventh Day Adventist. They don't believe in holidays. They don't believe in dancing either, come to think of it, but giving up shaking my ass in time to music would be worth it to me, that's how much I dislike the Holidays....seriously....I'm not kidding....

Chrizzie, I'm sorry to hear about the computer. I have heard that Apple is pretty great about replacing the music if you've downloaded it from doesn't make up for the hit to the wallet that it took to replace the hard drive, but it could be the silver lining on that cloud!

And Floodikins, I agree with you completely about Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

I shall leave you with an actual quote from my kid. Just so you don't get confused--"frogging" is Gavin's way of saying "farting.":
"Mom. One time I burped and it smelled so bad it was like I frogged in my mouth!"
I proceeded to laugh so hard that I nearly peed in my pants....