Sunday, August 31, 2008

If you're gonna run, you better keep on runnin'....

So Sprinkles ran away. Now. "Who is Sprinkles" you might ask...Sprinkles is my son's hamster. He informed me the other day that he would like to buy another hamster so that he may call it either Minkles, Tinkles or Rainbow. Just typing those names makes me smile. Anyway, back to the story at hand. We recently procured Monsieur Sprinkles a hamster "play-pen" that allows your hamster to be able to run around and feel the wind in his hair and the sun on his back and all that other jazz that is a simile for sweet freedom. Well, yesterday, while I was in the shower and my son was supposed to be watching Sprinkles, the aforementioned hamster pulled a great escape and climbed over the fence and ran directly into the laundry room and under the dryer, where he proceeded to spend the ENTIRE day! I have come to a realization. And the realization is this: That of the ways to spend a Saturday afternoon, sitting on the floor in a laundry room, trying to tempt a hamster out from under a modern washing appliance, does NOT make the top of the list. Eventually after several hours of avoiding capture, Sprinkles ventured out and was promptly cornered and caught. Sprinkles is now on probation and has lost his play-pen privileges...I think he's hoping one of his hamster friends will come and visit and slip him a hamster-sized cake with a tiny file in it.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Mom. I have school tomorrow. I need my rest.

Just a quick note to let you all know that Gavin survived and thrived during his first day at kindergarten. He thinks Mrs. Cook is very nice. She let him play with the airplanes and the snakes, but not the dinosaurs. There were no tears today, from either of us, and he's very excited to go back tomorrow, so I suppose it was a success all-around. The funny thing is that he had homework. That's right. He's five and he had homework! He now knows what sound a, b, c & e make. For all you theatre folks, all of Adrienne's classes are actually helpful in a non-theatrical capacity...who knew!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

You know you love me. XOXO.

Well. I come to you, penetent and ashamed. I must take a deep sigh before confessing. *Inhales. Exhales.* I spent the weekend watching Gossip Girl with Hans...and I kinda loved it! I'm not one to be snobby about television, if it's horrible and reality based I will probably watch it. If it has anything to do with dancing, comediennes who say inappropriate things, or Tim Gunn using the phrase "Make it work" I will definitely be watching it. But when I first heard about Gossip Girl, I decided that I was going to refuse to watch it based solely on principle. That it was simply a trashy tv show about rich kids who made sexy time with each other while drunk on shaum-pahn-ya or high on the cocahina. But it recently has been the only bright spot in Hans' life, so I decided that I would watch it with her when she recently procured it from my local Sam's Club. And now, I want to be Blair Waldorf. I know it definitely falls under the "guilty pleasure" category of television viewing, but I'm a little too excited about the new season starting up in September....I want to know if Nate and Serena fell in love or into bed with each other and what happened with Dan and Vanessa and whether or not Chuck became admirable. However, I don't care what happens to Jenny....bitchy social! For those of you who haven't watched it, I encourage you to turn off your brain for an hour (or 45ish minutes if you have the DVD or TiVo and don't have to wait for commercial....awesome), and just enjoy. It actually makes me really glad to live in a small town and shop at the Old Navy, because if that's really what high-society is like, I'd be eaten alive!!

Oh, on a side note: Gavin starts school tomorrow. 8am. I'm not quite sure how he's going to take it, as he's a bit of a night owl. It's entirely my fault....I guess that's what I get for doing all those shows while he was in-utero...I was kinda setting him up for it!

Friday, August 22, 2008

"Dew" you know what this means?!

As you may know from previous thrilling installments in my blog, I walk to work. It's the only time during the course of my day that I'm actually "alone" and I'm kinda snobby about it. Anyway, when I walked out of the house there was a slight nip in the air AND DEW ON THE GROUND!!! DEW ON THE GROUND, YOU GUYS!!! Do you know what this means?!! This is Logan-Speak for "Summer is almost over. Sweater Weather is on its way!" To which I say, "Huzzah"! I'm very ready for Summer to be over. I actually hate the heat. I think Summer loses all its appeal around the same time that you start dreading putting on a swimsuit.

Gavin has his teacher Meet & Greet tonight. I'm sure I'll be required to sit in a tiny Gavin-sized chair while Mrs. Cook elaborates on the finer points of kindergarten for my 5 year old son, who, if it doesn't have kung fu, dinosaurs or dinosaurs doing kung fu, he's not really interested.

So something a little weird....I've realized that every time I go to write a new blog, I have to use the ladies...EVERY time....the same thing happens whenever I talk to my sister, too...was that an overshare?

Last night I had a dream starring my dear friend Annette, Kathryn Moss and some random dude who in my dream we all knew and were friends with....we were in Italy and we were trying to get to Venice, but there was a rail strike and the only way to get there was to take one train at one very specific time, well we got to the train station to buy tickets and I realized I didn't have my purse, so Annette spotted me the money to buy the ticket, but I didn't like the idea of going to Venice without money of my own, so I ran back to the apartment to get my purse, but on my way back to the station I got lost and wandered around the city, but it didn't look like an actual Italian city, it looked like what an Italian city built out of foam core would look like. So I'm trying to find the train station and I realize that I've missed the train to Venice with the others, so I go to a restaurant and shrug my shoulders and eat some blueberry pamcakes. I do really like blueberry pamcakes and dislike Venice, so the ending actually makes total sense to me....the other stuff...not so much...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

F-U-N...sound it out...

Good morning! It's Tuesday. There is little else I can say. Isn't there something mildly soul crushing about Tuesdays. And especially now that Dean & Tori is over, what do I have to look forward to...I ask you, what?! So my son went to his kindergarten evaluation yesterday. Essentially, it's 30 minutes of some gentle-voiced woman (a Mrs. Cook in our case) asking a whole bunch of questions to determine whether or not my son is a dummy. I am happy to report that he is NOT a dummy and we shall be finding out on Thursday who his kindergarten teacher is and if he'll be in the morning or afternoon session. All very exciting, I assure you. I still can't get over the fact that my son is 5! I remember being five....I remember being a witch for Halloween and the time the leprechauns came to class on St. Patrick's Day and left a trail of gold seems strange that my son is now old enough to make and remember memories...very strange, indeed.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Someday love will find. Break those chains that bind you.

So it's Friday night....and I'm writing a blog and listening to my son sing-along to The Good Night Show on Sprout. Just a typical night in the Rockne household! I am looking forward to sleeping in a little bit tomorrow and possibly not showering....ah, the simple joys in life. Speaking of simply joys, I've come to the conclusion that there is nothing better than walking down the street with Journey's Separate Ways playing on one's iPod. If you've never experienced it, I fully encourage you to download it and strut the hell out of it....the only thing missing was a pair of white pumps (youtube the video for the song and you'll understand the reference...genius on so many levels). We were finally able to fix the internet issue (yay Qwest computer guy), so the fine citizens of Cache Valley were able to buy their High School Musical tickets. I've never actually seen the show, as Zac Efron kinda gives me the heebs (which may also be the reason I haven't seen the movie version of Hairspray the Musical), but I hear there's dancing whilst dribbling a this might have impressed me if I hadn't already witnessed this choreographic orgasm in 1982 in one of the best movies ever made Grease 2 Grease's so nice ya gotta say it twice...(youtube Back to School from the movie and you'll see how Bonnie Storey TOTALLY ripped off Patricia Birch). Well, my son has decided that he would like to play Go Diego Go on'd tell you to youtube that as well, but my demands have become excessive and nobody likes a bossy pants.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Good Eye, Sniper

So our internet at work went out. It's not that big of a deal for me, as my job is not contingent on being able to use the internet. It WAS a big deal for my poor friend Keri, who is the ticket office manager at my place of business, and since our ticketing system is based entirely online it was a less than stellar day for her. She spent quite a number of hours on the phone and when she wasn't on the phone with the less than stellar folks at our DSL provider she was trying to describe the upgraded router she needed to purchase to the less than stellar folks at Best Buy. So I've learned a few things today-- 1) Computers can sometimes be a pain in the ass. 2) I'm more addicted to Pandora radio than I ever expected...I'm sorry, sometimes a girl just needs to hear that fine mixture of Dean Martin and Linkin Park and Weezer. 3) A cookie, can in fact brighten a day--I already kinda knew this one, but I still thought it would be worth a mention. And 4) People in this town are REALLY excited about High School Musical tickets!

I wanted to take a moment and give a shout out...that's right, I just used the phrase "Shout-Out" and no, it is NOT 1999 and no, I'm not on TRL, to Briskey. In his blog yesterday he shared my humble blog with his other blog friends and I feel strangly proud to have made the list. I AM indeed trying to keep up....I already have a few ideas about future blogs....who's excited to hear me talk about my sudden and slightly creepy love of peach ice tea...anyone? anyone?....that's cool...I can't respect that....

I also wanted to give a blog hello to annette, who lovingly pointed out that she's reading Excitement City, Population: Me that is my blog. I DON'T think you talk's not your fault the rest of the country sounds like Gilbert from Anne of Green Gables...and congratulations on the new gig...young impressionable minds to mold and corrupt...what could be better?!!

Oh, just an update....I didn't see Burly Chihuahua Guy....he was replaced with Early 90s Dave Coulier Mullet Guy...I tried not to stare, but it was just so beautiful I couldn't help myself....

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A doggy observation....

So I walk to work everyday....with the price of gas it makes my sister says, my "footmobile" is free....anyway, for the last couple of days, I've been walking past a man walking his dog. Now, this might not sound like a big deal, "Wow" you might think. "A guy. Walking his dog." But here's the part that makes this interesting. The man in question is built like an offensive lineman and consistently wears some sort of shirt with skulls & crossbones and a look on his face that portrays "Mess with me and I'll rip your spleen out." and his dog is a 4 lbs. Chihuahua. That's right. He has "princess" dog; a Hollywood celebutante dog. I find the juxtaposition between his brawn and the dogs wee size comical. Then I got to thinking, as I often do when I'm walking to and from work--sometimes this is good and sometimes this is bad, but that's for another blog, "Maybe this isn't his dog. Maybe this is his girlfriend's dog and he's being a good boyfriend by taking the overgrown rat out for a walk." Then THAT got me thinking--Ladies, DON'T do that....don't make your 240 lbs. boyfriend who listens to death metal and drives a Harley walk your tiny prissy girl dog....just don't do it. It isn't nice. It's emasculating. But, I have noticed the obvious lack of rhinestoned collars or little Louis Vuitton dog-fits on the aforementioned maybe, it is his dog afterall...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Let's try this again...

The delicious Briskey said that I should start writing more frequently on my blog...but here's the problem: I'm lazy. Well, that, and my life is painfully boring. It's one thing to KNOW that your life is mind-numbingly boring, but it's another thing to chronicle said boring life and see said boring life in print. But, I figure, there's got to be enough I can glean from my life and the life of those around me to maybe, just maybe, make a slightly enjoyable blog for all you fine people to read....and by fine people, I really mean Briskey, because, let's be honest, he's gonna be the only one reading, hello, Briskey....I miss you....holla atcha boy!