Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Moonlighting strangers, who just met on the waaaaaaay...

Dear friends, thank you for taking a moment, and joining me in mourning the loss of a good friend, Mr. iPod Left Earbud. He had been a kind and loyal companion to Amanda these past 11 months, staying with her through the Elliptical months, joining her on a harrowing attempt to get to Nova Scotia via O'Hare Airport, teaching her helpful Italian phrases she never actually used while flying to Italy and most recently, keeping her company while she walked to work. He began to fall ill in September when the "padding" portion of his Bud started to peel away from the plastic ear portion. He held on for as long as he could, but eventually succumbed to his illness. She will continue to use her iPod earbuds, as the cost to replace them is ridiculous, but the soft squishness of Mr. Left Earbud will be greatly missed. Let us pray.

I think that one of my legs might be longer than the other. I've recently noticed that my pants reach longer on my left leg...on ALL of my pants...I wonder if this is the reason Maggi used to tell me my chane turns were uneven...sigh

We're not celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow, we wait and celebrate it as one big family (minus sister as she has to work) on Saturday. So we're having cheese pizza for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. Anybody wanna come over?

I don't have to work tomorrow or Friday. I have every intention of watching Moonlighting on DVD and being lazy in my pajamas. Anybody wanna come over?

I love you, Briskey.

I've decided that a tambourine makes any song happier. And hand claps. I don't want to neglect hand claps in their ability to perk up a song. I've also decided that before I do anything I'm gonna count it off, a la a drummer counting off the beats to a song...

My mother was taking Gavin to see Madagascar 2 today. I'm sure my evening will be filled with "Smile & wave boys" and "I like to move it, move it."

And, Annette, THAT is an awful lot of Skim Milk...please be careful...too much skim milk+nauseous pregnant tummy=barfaroni. I am proud of you...or should I say I'm proud of the fetus, for having such a healthy craving....your Viking cape is in the mail!

Ok. I think I'm gonna go...2, 3, 4...

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Broody=Sexy (Angsty=Not So Much)

I have a friend, the lovely Bree-ah-na, who was recently married this past summer, I have visited her blog and I marvel at her openness about the sheer and absolute bliss she feels concerning the love for her new husband. It makes me both want to barf and then wonder why I'm not that open....

I went and saw Twilight today. I went in with no preconceived notions concerning from book to screen, as most movies are never as good as the books (I think I've only experienced 3 times when the movie did the book justice--Masterpiece Theatre's adapations of Persuasion...awwww...Captain Wentworth and Jane Eyre...awwww....Mr. Rochester all broody and dark and Emma Thompson's adaptation of Sense & Sensibility...awwww, Colonel Brandon). I must honestly say I felt, to borrow a phrase from Annette, 'meh' about it. I felt like all the charm and joy that I loved about the book didn't translate to the screen very well. Everyone was so angsty. Even Mr. Rochester at his darkest and most broodiest found time to find the joy of love with Jane, even if that love had the potential to be short-lived (not unlike our Edward & Bella). I found all of the "humans" to actually be the most entertaining part of the film, especially Billy & Charlie--who I wasn't expecting to like, since I thought the actor chosen to play Charlie was too's amazing what a "dad" moustache will do to a man's cute quotient! I'll probably see it again. I kinda feel like I owe it to the book! On a side note: I attended the film by myself and a few moments before the movie started a boy sat next to me-- no girlfriend, no wife, no sister--just him. I smiled.

In the same vein as Twilight, I finished re-reading Breaking Dawn, and I didn't hate it (which was my initial reaction to it--I equated it to the excitement of Christmas morning and all I got was socks!). I came to the realization that Stephenie Meyer had to finish the saga that way. Breaking Dawn had to be what it's kinda like Eve eating the had to be done....some people like that it happened, others are pissed about it...

I was informed the other day that one of the little girls in Gavin's kindergarten class has her eye on him and that she intends to marry him. I believe I will be locking him in a closet. Right. About. Now. Or, better yet, would anybody happen to know of any ways to stunt a boy's social development so he's scared of girls until he's about 25? No? Nobody? Huhm. I suppose I shall have to Google.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Oh yeah, I'm a gummy bear...(this title courtesy of Gavin!)

Scott gave me an iPod Shuffle for my birthday last year (easily one of the best gifts I've ever received). As you all know, I'm not technically savvy at all....I just barely mastered burning CDs, so I've been more than a little overwhelmed at the thought of downloading songs and albumins....the thought makes me nervous for some reason. Well, I finally downloaded my first album from the apple store. It was painfully easy and I fear that I may become a downloading junkie...there's just something really satisfying about sitting around in my underpants downloading the songs I stop, Britney Spears' Circus...

I just wanted to know what is with Grey's Anatomy and all of the usual jerky men (McSteamy, Karev) all of a sudden growing hearts of gold? And I sure like that Lt. Hunt...although, his face kinda reminds me of that part in Top Secret where Nick Rivers is fighting the bad guy at the ballet and Nick squishes the bad guy's face and the bad guy's face sticks that way....also, even if Denny is a ghost and Izzie is going crazy, I'm glad he's back...I sure like that Denny...

I've been intrigued to see the last couple of days the backlash to Twilight. Geez, people, it's just a movie. And shouldn't we be happy that the teenage girls of America (and around the world) are chillin' at the movie theatre watching a vampire love story and not giving douchebag Senior boys blow jobs or beating each other up and posting it on youtube? Lets keep our eye on the prize, folks. Eye on the prize.

Scott had a pint at the oldest pub in the UK today. He also played a gig last night called Rock City. Now. If I were playing the obvious game with Annette, I'd say, "I wonder what kind of music they have at Rock City?"

Gavin story o' the day:
He was reaching really deeply into the refrigerator, and I couldn't understand what it was that he was trying to get so I asked him, "Gavin. What are you doing?" "I'm getting a Capri-Sun. What does it look like I'm doing? Pettin' a horse?!"

Thursday, November 20, 2008

To the Birthday Boy

I'd like to take a moment and tell you a story. It's the story of a young man, who, at a USU Theatre Cabaret performed "Over The Moon" from RENT. He was tall and thin and spikey-haired and his feet seemed to be too big for his body. He was baby-faced and energetic. As I sat watching him perform, I thought, "who is this kid?" His name was Brian Bahr and he went on to become one of my dearest and closest friends. Today is his birthday. So I'd like to say, Happy Birthday, Briskey! I'm sure glad that Barb Bahr birthed you. You're still tall and thin and your feet still seem too big for your body, but you make my life brighter on a daily basis and I love you. I hope this birthday is FIERCE (if you could see me, I'm smiling with my eyes)!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

If you like it, then you shoulda put a ring on it...

A man was leafblowing the leaves in his yard into one gigantic pile as I was walking home from work today. As I got closer, he turned the leafblower off, so he wouldn't be blowing leaves on me as I walked by. I was struck by the gentlemanly act. Then I realized that this is how men are SUPPOSED to act and I decided that he should have offered to wash my car...

My mother bought me a Twilight book mark. In terms of addictions I believe the proper term for her would be an "enabler."

Speaking of son finds bizarre things funny. His recent "addiction" is the Beyonce Single Ladies mock music video that was on SNL this past Saturday. We've easily watched it about 15 times and he still finds it hysterical. I think it might have something to do with Justin Timberlake rubbing his bum on Beyonce, but I can't be sure...

I'm saddened that Briskey was so close (a mere 92 miles away in the SLC) and I was unable to see him. Sometimes I miss the carefree days of being able to just go....and eating free pizza whilst karaoking at the Depot.

And no, Annette, you CAN'T put your Christmas decorations up yet. At least wait until after American Thanksgiving. I walked by a house busting with Christmas lights last night. It made me feel sad for Thanksgiving. It gets forgotten on the rush to get to Christmas. Don't we owe it to Thanksgiving to give it the proper respect and eat a huge piece of pumpkin pie accompanied with entirely too much whipped topping?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ummm...could you please not call me ma'am?

I realized today that I'm getting old. I've kind of been aware of this fact for the last little while, but it's become increasingly evident recently. People have taken to calling me "ma'am." Now, granted, I am nearly 30 (gulp) and I am usually accompanied with my nearly 6 year old son (double gulp), but I DON'T feel like a ma'am. And I most certainly do NOT appreciate the tween at Borders asking "Is there something I can help you find, ma'am?" "Actually, NO, Miley, I don't. My eyesight is just fine, thank you very much and I'm quite capable of finding the Classics section without any help from you."

I read on the back of a M & M's package that 1 in 8 women will have breast cancer in their lifetime. This is a scary statistic. This is an especially scary statistic to me. It's just a less-than gentle reminder that women need to be our own best advocates, especially where our bodies and health are concerned. Check yourselves, ladies.

I haven't been sleeping well lately. It makes me fairly grouchy. Then I feel guilty about being so bitchtacular. I miss naps.

I'm re-reading Breaking Dawn. I figured it's been a few months and I should give it another go. I don't dislike it as much as I did upon the first reading....I didn't want to throw the book when Jacob imprinted like I did the first time I read it....still doesn't mean I like the name Reneesme...ugh...

My boyfriend just broke up a girl-fight in the ladies toilet at a pub in Newcastle, England. I guess Canadians really are peace keepers.

Friday, November 14, 2008

My work....wife?

So Keri was telling me about this article she read about having a "work spouse"--someone who knows how you like your coffee, the person you complain to about work things and the first person you talk to when you have important office gossip. Well, it occurred to both of us that we're each other's "work spouse." That's right. I'm in a same-sex office marriage. I've now taken to telling her to watch what she says to me or she'll be sleeping on the couch.

It's Friday and I fully intend on not doing anything this weekend.

I read this article about the Women of James Bond. They were arguing that James Bond films are disgustingly mysoginistic and unrealistic in what a modern woman is and does. Now. I am a feminist. I am proud of this fact. I will be a feminist until my dying breath. But. It's a movie kids. It's a movie that has ALWAYS centered on guns and men and blowing shit up. I'm wondering if maybe we can't just enjoy the fact that Mr. Bond is gonna bed some chicks and fire some guns and drink a few martinis in a dapper tuxedo without making it all about whether or not Pussy Galore has pay equality.

I've fallen in love with a blog called Cake Wrecks. They have the most horrendous pictures of professionally decorated cakes...I get such bliss from this blog. It's one of the three blogs I HAVE to visit everyday or I am very sad (Annette's and Briskey's are an interchangeable 1 & 2). I also visit everyday. It's like an online women's magazine without all of the shit that makes a girl want to slit her wrists. Hans was the one to introduce me to it and it's actually where I learned to love Obama and hate toeless ankle boots.

Wait. I'm going to have to go out this weekend to get milk. Dammit.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

29 Going on 14...

A few things of interest:

I recently procured myself the Twilight soundtrack and have now become mildly obsessed with Paramore. What's that all about? I suddenly feel 14. I have however fought the urge to buy a twilight poster/t-shirt...resist, Amanda, resist.

It's a show day today. We have the African Children's Choir in residence. It's a choir made up entirely of African children who have lost either one or both of their parents to war, genocide or HIV/AIDS and yet they're so joyful. They sing and dance and ask for seconds of mashed potatoes. It makes me feel ungrateful. They've had to overcome so much already in their little lives and here I am with a roof over my head and food in my belly and I'm complaining about my thighs touching.

Scott is currently in the UK (he's rocking Northern Ireland tonight). He's mixing sound for The Stone Gods. I would recommend them to anybody who enjoys some hard licks and rockin' riffs (I have no idea what that means, but they use those phrases to market Rock Band, so it's gotta apply to this situation). They're actually quite talented, check 'em out if you're a metal head.

Keri (my office special friend) and I helped a young man propose to his girlfriend the other night. It was all very elaborate. Keri & I watched their reflection in the big window and when she finally said yes we clapped and cheered. Then I puked. People in love gross me out.

Ya know what else grosses me out. Prop 8 passing. It's nothing more than state sanctioned civil rights violations. I actually saw an ad the Prop 8 folks had produced that had a family talking about how they didn't want their children to have to learn about homosexual marriages and "normalizing" same sex partnerships & families. As a mother, that makes me both sad and angry. Sad, because I think it's a parent's job to teach their child that the world is a big place--filled with lots of people and places and differences, but that everybody is important and deserves the same happiness. It makes me angry because MY child is going to have to inhabit the same world as these homophobic douchebags.

On a lighter note, I shall end this post with a joke from Gavin. We were walking to school yesterday and it was raining enough to require an umbrella. Gavin said to me, "Cruddy rain." To which I replied, "Hey. It could be worse. At least it's not raining cats & dogs." Without missing a beat Gavin said, "But I would know it was raining cats & dogs when I step in a poodle!"

Now, if you'll please excuse me...for some odd reason I feel the strange need to go shopping at Hot Topic and hang out at a food court...