Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fit and Trim

Well, it's Wednesday. Wednesday tends to be a good day, for several reasons.

1. It's the middle of the week. Which means the weekend, and spending the entirety of it in my pajamas, is only 2 days away.

2. It's Midweek Madness on Jezebel. A recap of all the weekly tabloids without actually having to buy any of them....I mean, who has $3 to spend on the magazine that says Kristen Stewart is pregnant with Rob Pattinson's baby?!

3. It's the one day of the week that I don't make myself do homework. I give myself Wednesdays off, or I'll get anatomy burn-out.

4. It's So You Think You Can Dance night!!! Oh friends. I simply adore this show. Although I'm not as attached to the dancers this season as I was to last season(Joshua! Katie! Twitch! Gev!), I still get nerdily excited to see what everybody is going to dance. I developed a bit of a dance crush on Jason after this evening's performances. He kinda came out of no where for me. Maybe it's because I wasn't terribly fond of Caitlin and would often glaze over when they would dance as partners for the first few weeks. It will be interesting to see who gets the axe tomorrow.

Oh, while I'm talking about there's a new show coming to Fox called "More to Love." I keep seeing the commercials for it during SYTYCD. Essentially it's The Bachelor for fatties. Yep. A collection of overweight women are competing to win the love of one portly gentleman. Now. Usually I would be very "hooray" about something like this....I think it's time that society realizes that women are all shapes and sizes and non-size 2s deserve a chance at happiness and love. However, this show doesn't seem like that at all. The commercial is one fat girl after another crying about how being fat has kept them from finding love. I don't like it. I don't like the exploitation of insecure women. I suppose I should watch the first episode before I pass judgment, but having to watch women throw themselves at a man makes me angry, uncomfortable and did I mention angry. Ladies, what's so wrong with being single? I know sometimes it can get lonely, but really, is your self-respect and dignity worth it?

Oh, and Annette & I was sitting in class and I looked over to my left and there, sitting down a row and a few seats over from me was Cute Tall Heather!! It could have been someone else, I kinda panicked and didn't look at her again to really see, but I was pretty sure it was her. From what I could see, she was still Cute and Tall, which made me instantly catty and insecure. You know. There are just people who are able to do that and she was always that person for me. But then I remember that she wouldn't watch Waiting for Guffman because it had an 'R' rating and just sat in Floodikins kitchen, while we all watched it and I didn't feel quite so lame! I know. That's a catty statement, but who does that?!!