Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This post is Amanda approved!

I'm writing to you from the warm comfort of my bed (God bless the laptop) whilst wearing the sock monkey pajamas Hans bought me for Christmas this year...they're full of win and exceptionally warm. Annette, it's not snowing here, but it's doing that poser raindrop kind of thing that it really wants to be snow, but can't quite get there. I do not approve. I'm ready for real Spring weather, although I'm convinced we're going to have one day of lovely Spring and then it'll be 900 degrees, because Mother Nature is a cruel bitch who likes to mess with me.

I'd like you all to know that I took my physiology final yesterday and am now finished with all my prerequisite classes. I won't know how I did on the final until next week, but at this point, I'm so relieved to be finished that the grade is rather inconsequential! Next step, application process. I can already feel the acid reflux burning from the anxiety-caused churning of my tummy. You know what is funny, the fact that I am more scared about the application process than I am about having people's lives depend on me....I'm more frightened by their selection committee than being faced with a sucking chest wound....at least with the sucking chest wound I know what to do to fix it...with a selection committee, I have no idea....a basket of mini-muffins?

I started volunteering for a local hospice and was assigned to a lovely little spunky woman. I can't tell you much more than that, due to patient confidentiality, but she tells some of the greatest stories and I just spend 90 minutes a week laughing.

My room is an absolute disaster...it looks like a tornado followed by an earthquake and then a tsunami hit it. I had neglected it to do homework and now that homework is not an issue, I have to do something about it. My bathroom is starting to look like a bathroom you'd find at the Pi Kap House. I do not approve.

Gavin had his first soccer game tonight. It was raining, but the kids still played. Gavin didn't seem to mind, but my mom came home looking a bit like a drowned cat. She did not approve.

Ok. I'm going to go and watch Rick Mercer Report videos on YouTube....he's Canandiananandidianan and I don't understand all of the political jokes, but charming is charming and it transcends barriers!