Saturday, November 10, 2012

Catching Up

Hello friends, it's been a VERY long time since I last wrote.  I'd like to tell you that my life was filled with grand adventures and that's why I haven't written, but that would be a lie....unless you consider watching episodes of the Real Housewives of franchise and the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders show on CMT a grand adventure....

Let me write a list of the things that have happened since I wrote:

1.  I cute my hair.....short.....very short.....think Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby.  At least this is what I initially told myself after I cut it, to keep from getting cutter's remorse and's really more like lesbian gym teacher, but it's extremely easy to take care of and since I am inherently meh about my physical appearance and dress like a hobo 95% of the time, it works just fine for me!

2.  I just celebrated my one year anniversary at my job.  I am happy to report that I have only cried once this entire year.  This is a vast improvement over the first year I worked at the theatre, where I cried almost everyday.  I am also happy to report that I still really love my job and have a few favorite patients that I get to see regularly....they mainly seem to be little old men who call me "kid"!

3.  Gavin started 4th grade and is doing extremely well.  He's doing math at a 5th grade level and reading and language skills at a 7th grade level.  I'd like to take all the credit for how well he's doing, but it has nothing to do with me....I give all credit to him watching Crocodile Hunter with the closed captioning on....when he was little he used to come in and ask me to turn his "letters" on!  I must admit, friends, that it's been a little difficult lately coming to the realization that my son is quickly approaching the teen years of his life and when I look at his face and it looks less and less like a "baby" face everyday, I want to stop time and keep him 9 forever....consequently, he's turning 10 next month.  TEN!  YEARS!  TEN YEARS!  My kid is a decade and it's freaking me out!

4.  Christopher and I had our two year anniversary in October.  Please don't take this the wrong way, but I feel like I've been married to him for much longer than two years!  I guess you know you've found the one you want to grow old with when we're laying in bed at the end of the day, and even though I've just been on my feet for 8 hours at work and I could pass out from being so tired, I try and hold out for just 5 more, 10 more minutes, so I can talk and laugh with my husband.

I do think I need to apologize to Chrizzie and Lil....I am a terrible friend and had no idea that Chrizzie had a beautiful baby girl and Lil was working on beautiful Bear baby numero dos!  I feel like I've fallen off the face of the planet in regards to my friends, but congratulations to you both!

In today's installment of "Funny Stuff My Kid Says"
My mom was asking Gavin about Halloween and asked if he had made a "haul" trick or treating.  This conversation followed:
Gavin: Yeah, I did.
Momma Rock (to me):  Did you let him eat all the candy at once, so he got a tummy ache.
Me:  No.  He's actually pretty good about not eating it all at once....he's really good at....
Gavin:  Candy management.

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The Bears said...

No worries Amanda. I know far too much info about my friends and wish I could unplug more often, but River makes it really difficult to read books and our tv looses signal every five seconds, so that leaves me with my computer to waste time on that could be better served washing dishes or learning a new skill set. Just check back in a week and hopefully the little one will be here!